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You will get individualized feedback on your performance during a class-presentation, including body language, tone, eye contact, verbal habits, and overall rapport and connectedness with the audience. You will receive precise, timely, individualized feedback guided by a framework that challenges you to consider the impact that everything you say and do in public has on the effectiveness and efficacy of your communication, and the persuasiveness of your presentation. You will leave the session in possession of a communication compass - a set of structured questions that will help you model and understand your intent and purpose in making a presentation, and the degree to which the presentation itself achieves your purpose.
• Material: a video of your team presentation
• Duration: 1H


Interactive Presentations (Q&A)

When making strategic presentations to boards, executive teams and teams of peers, it is often how you answer questions and respond to challenges that determines how persuasive you are - and how effective at establishing the trust of the group or the team in your competence and integrity. In this one-hour module we will help you evaluate the degree to which the 'discussion' - or, question-and-answer - portion of your presentation fulfilled the basic goals of demonstrating competence and an ability to think on one's feet, in a way that is connected to the substance of the presentation. Students will receive individualized feedback on the degree to which their answers were responsive, relevant and informative, the degree of connection established with the substance of the question and the intent of the questioner, and the degree to which the answers provided added or subtracted from the overall mission of the presentation.
• Material: As requested
• Duration: 1H



Presence is the great X-factor of managerial communication: Are you really there? What does your body say about the message you produce? Are you eliciting real, authentic presence from the others? You will receive individualized feedback regarding the non-verbal cues you exhibit, in either a class presentation or an interview. This module encourages you to witness and compare your own perceptions regarding your presence with the perceptions of those with whom you interact. You will be provided with a framework for understanding the underpinnings of trustworthiness, rapport, and conveying competence in dyadic and group situations.
• Material: 15 minute video of an interview
• Duration: 1H


Rotman School of Management,
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON M5S 3E6