Morning/Evening MBA



You will learn to identify and hone the instincts necessary to differentiate yourself and thrive in a competitive executive labor market environment. This module seeds the development of future leaders by going beyond the traditional curricular offerings to explore personality structure and common challenges that inhibit optimal effectiveness in dense social settings. We will together with you explore and seek to understand the cognitive and emotional processes at the core of the exercise of leadership, and to see and practice the self command, self control and self regulation skills and techniques required to master the organizational dynamics you create.
• Duration: 8H


Communicative Blueprint: Presentations

You will get individualized feedback on your performance during a class-presentation, including body language, tone, eye contact, verbal habits, and overall rapport and connectedness with the audience. You will receive precise, timely, individualized feedback guided by a framework that challenges you to consider the impact that everything you say and do in public has on the effectiveness and efficacy of your communication, and the persuasiveness of your presentation. You will leave the session in possession of a communication compass – a set of structured questions that will help you model and understand your intent and purpose in making a presentation, and the degree to which the presentation itself achieves your purpose.
• Material: a video of your team presentation
• Duration: 1H


Managing It All: Personal Resource Management and Resilience

Leaders that know exactly what to do, when to do it and how to think, still often fail to take appropriate, timely action. They are often simply too exhausted to put in the necessary cognitive, emotional and physical effort on a timely basis. Recent research shows impressive correlations between energy/resilience management and productivity, job satisfaction, morale, overall effectiveness and career progression. This module will help you identify and develop the skills to diagnose and address resilience challenges as a necessary managerial lever.
• Material: As requested
• Duration: 2+1H

Feedback: The What, the How and the Why

Giving feedback is a core managerial and executive skill. Organizational settings are ‘constant feedback’ settings: annual performance reviews, team debriefings, 360 degree feedback, developmental coaching, comments, criticism, suggestions, advice, complements, commendations, promotions, demotions, warnings and other expressions of opinion, considered or otherwise. Feedback reports and transcripts are critical: they are used to influence people’s future actions, punish past perceived transgressions and alter careers. For many, giving feedback is an activity avoided and dreaded. But feedback is necessary for leaders and managers to perform and grow. This module will introduce you to the art, science, craft and discipline of effective feedback. You will receive guided practice on giving and receiving feedback, and a framework informed by the state of the art of behavioral and social science.
• Material: As requested
• Duration: 2+1H


Rotman School of Management,
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON M5S 3E6